2016 Bacon Weekend

It’s finally here and who’s achin for bacon?!  2016 Bacon Weekend!

Uncle John and Auntie Denise were crowned the champions last year.  Who will take over their year long reign this year with the best bacon dish of the weekend?

Auntie Denise and Uncle John- 2015 Bacon Weekend Champs

The rules have changed this year.  We even have a sponsorship complete with signage and koozies- THANK YOU MARCO POLO BAR AND GRILL!

Marco Polo

Below is our 2016 bracket.  Times of meals included.  Please have your dish on the table 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time/course.  Lot 5 will be the competition headquarters.

The group will vote for the winner of each course.  Then we will have one final vote- Breakfast Winner, Appetizer Winner and Linner Winner to determine who the 2016 BACON WEEKEND CHAMPION.

2016 bacon weekend

So, prep the best of your best bacon dish according to the bracket above.  Be ready to show it off October 15th.

One more thing to note- the WSU Marketing team will be by to film our bacon extravaganza for best tailgate traditions.  I’ll update the blog with timing info as I get it from them.  Stay tuned.


Butthole Weekend!

The Buttholes are coming to Pullman this upcoming weekend!  The Buttholes are fresh off of 2 big losses, so we need to rally in our Coug camo gear to cheer the football team to a W.

As my Beaver grandpa- aka Big Poppa- would always say- the only good duck is a dead duck!  In ode to Big Poppa and the Cougs playing the Ducks this weekend, we are cooking up beer can duck in the can.

The Van Kirks will cook up the duck.  Bring a butthole themed side dish to go with the Duck.  It’s a 6:30 p.m. game, so we’ll eat duck dinner at 4:30 before the game up in Lot 5.

So be like Butch and put on your camo themed Coug gear, bring a butthole side dish and cheer the Cougs to a W!!!  And… ear muff your children b/c the Ducks are coming to town and there is only one good word that rhymes best with Duck…

camo butch


The Battle of the Palouse Game- Famous Idaho Baked Potato Bar

Well, aren’t we off to a rocky start?!  But this weekend is the infamous Battle of the Palouse where we hope to finally get a W.  If you are interested, here’s link with all of the Battle of the Palouse history detailed- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Palouse.

Tailgate theme for this weekend is the Famous Idaho Baked Potato Bar.  Our Funation member and friendly local potato farmer, Dustin, has offered to go and harvest potatoes for our baked potato bar.  Shelley is going to pre-bake them and bring with to warm up in crockpots.  Everyone else is to contribute toppings for the baked potato bar.

Contributed toppings so far are:  chili, cheese, chives, jalapenos, sour cream and bacon.

The game plan:
Shelley and assorted Funation members will warm potatoes in crockpots during the game in/around Ben’s and Uncle John’s/Aunt Denise’s RVs.  Drop your topping off prior to the game and some road sodas to drink afterwards.  After the game, swing by their RVs to enjoy a baked potato and all the fixings for linner.

Contact Bethany or Shelley if you have ANY questions.

And….  GO COUGS!

coug potato head