2016 Funation Bacon Weekend Results



2016 Homecoming Funation Bacon Queen


Funation is proud to announce the 2016 Bacon Weekend Winners

Breakfast Winner- The Van Kirks

Winning Dishes-
Ultimate Bacon Maple French Toast served w/Bourbon Maple Syrup
http:// http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/ultimate-bacon-maple-french-toast

Recipe- Country sausage wrapped in bacon, shaped like a donut and then smoked and cooked in a Traeger for 1 hour.

Appetizer Winner- The Heitstumans

Winning Dish-

Black and Blue Bacon Crostini

Linner Winner- The Ables

Winning Dish-

Ables Family Potatoes

2016 Grand Champion Winners:

BACON WEEKEND RECIPES- Funation- please add your awesome bacon recipes to the comment section, so we can all share our recipes.


2016 Bacon Weekend

It’s finally here and who’s achin for bacon?!  2016 Bacon Weekend!

Uncle John and Auntie Denise were crowned the champions last year.  Who will take over their year long reign this year with the best bacon dish of the weekend?

Auntie Denise and Uncle John- 2015 Bacon Weekend Champs

The rules have changed this year.  We even have a sponsorship complete with signage and koozies- THANK YOU MARCO POLO BAR AND GRILL!

Marco Polo

Below is our 2016 bracket.  Times of meals included.  Please have your dish on the table 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time/course.  Lot 5 will be the competition headquarters.

The group will vote for the winner of each course.  Then we will have one final vote- Breakfast Winner, Appetizer Winner and Linner Winner to determine who the 2016 BACON WEEKEND CHAMPION.

2016 bacon weekend

So, prep the best of your best bacon dish according to the bracket above.  Be ready to show it off October 15th.

One more thing to note- the WSU Marketing team will be by to film our bacon extravaganza for best tailgate traditions.  I’ll update the blog with timing info as I get it from them.  Stay tuned.