Game Themes for 2016


Here We Go Again!
Goin’ down the only road we’ve ever known.
Like a true Coug we were born to tailgate.

An’ we’ve made up our minds, we ain’t wasting no more time
But here we go again, here we go again,
Here we go again, here we go.

Please note that the themes for this year’s season have all been listed to the right in the gray bar.  For each game weekend, instructions will be posted by Monday on our blog.  So, check the blog for updates and instructions frequently.  All communication will be done here.

Much like football- this year will be a team effort.  Thru much discussion, the past few years with each of us prepping individual dishes, we had WAY too much food.  So, back to everyone contributing to one meal (i.e. example- potato bar- someone will do potatoes and then others will volunteer for toppings to go on the potatoes).  This should cut down on the amount of food not going to waste this year.

Reach out to me- Bethany- if you have any questions.