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We all need to step up and help out the Athletic Department.  Since the Apple Cup plan didn’t go through and we all want to see competitive teams on the field it’s time we do a little more.  My challenge to everyone is to do what some are calling “Power of 10”.  I’m posting this and going to make a point to ask 10 Coug fans to pledge to set up a recurring payment each month to the Athletic Department.  This can be $5, $10, $20, $25, etc….  whatever you can afford.  If we all ask 10 people and ask them to ask 10 then the number just keeps increasing exponentially.  The school can count you as a member of the Athletic Foundation once you donate over $100 in a year.
I’ll start off w/ a $50 one time donation and I’ll set up $25 per month from this point on.  WSU has only just over 6, 100 donors who donate more than $100 per year.  That is terrible.  We are more than $14 million per year behind the #9 team in the Pac-10.   If we want to stay competitive and give our teams a fighting chance financially we need to step up.  Even if you want to make your donation to be directed to specific causes eg. the Stadium Remodel, you can do that.
I hope that this is as important to the rest of you as it is to me.  I want to be competitive and see only the best for our Cougs, which, in turn, will make it a LOT more fun for all of us to watch!